www.fifa14cup.com Sales of your Brazil World Glass tickets set a new record

Last night, buy cheap fifa 14 coins the FIFA Brazil World Cup tickets for a final stage of the network sales, an overall of 54 games for your total of 199519 deals sold overseas, in mere 4 hours, you will discover 126837 tickets have been all fans for you to first come first served method to buy.

Today, reported by FIFA website,Fifa14cup - Buy Fifa Coins,Cheap Fut Coins And Fifa 14 Ultimate Team Coins Fast Delivery in this more than 120000 tickets, you will discover more than 63% associated with buyers from landmass Brazil, demonstrates the kingdom with football enthusiasm for any sport, but also created a new sales record.

For any current release with tickets, FIFA accountable for the affairs of the sales director Thierry Weir said: "I believe the fans for any remaining ticket need remains high, hope that in less than two months time frame, everyone can obtain experience football flagship competition".

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