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Wrath of the cheap fifa 14 coins Berserker is your "hard enrage," which you'll have to use more sparingly. Since crits extend the duration of your Battle Rage, dual wield works best, with either a mace/axe (crit chance from Weapons Master) or spear (attack speed from Weapons Master) in the main hand. Frenzy, with its quick blows, leads to more crits and is a natural primary skill. Leap and Furious Charge keep you in the thick of things, where you need to be, while generating extra fury. Hammer of the Ancients with the Smash rune is a great Elite/Boss killer.

Note: At higher levels, you may want to swap out the Ferocity rune on Battle Rage for Into the Fray, essentially turning Battle Rage into a "piggyback" to extend the duration of Wrath of the Berserker.Preferred stats: Attack Speed, Crit Chance, Strength, Weapon DamageBarbarian build: The PunterSee the build:Barbarian PunterHalf the fun of playing a Barbarian is watching bodies fly in every direction as you smash your way through the herd. This build maximizes the simple joy of ragdoll physics by giving you every opportunity to proc knockback effects. Your primary skill Bash has a 20% chance to send people packing while generating Fury to unleash your three major corpse tossers: Seismic Slam, Ground Stomp and Earthquake all runed to boost the potency of their aoe knockbacks. Furious Charge and Threatening Shout ensure you stay alive to keep kicking the undead to the curb.

The passives Brawler, Juggernaut and Unforgiving stops your compulsive need to punt people from hurting your damage output.Preferred stats: Knockback Chance, Strength, Weapon DamageBarbarian build: The Immortal TankSee the build:Barbarian Immortal TankSome of us don't want to die. There's no shame in that you're brave simply for stepping outside your home to battle the hoards of undead. I dare anyone to call you a sissy when you're on the front lines, entering a Frenzy and bloodletting everything in sight with Rend (both of which heal you, don't worry!). Revenge let's you turn incoming damage into an aoe attack with massive www.fifa14world.co.uk health regen.

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