Wireless sniffer Application on PANDA using wl1271


PANDA uses wl1271 chipset for connectivity (WIFi / BT), also wl1271 can be used for sniffing wireless packets.
My project aims at porting Ethereal (an open source tool for sniffing packets) to PANDA and using it as a wireless sniffer with the help of wl1271.

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Expected results:
Ethereal application will be used for sniffing wireless packets on PANDA boards using wl1271 chipset.

Background & work by projects submitter/s:

I have 3yrs of experience on WLAN including one year on OMAP3,OMAP4 and PANDA boards. Working experience of one year on wl1271 chipset.

Contact Email: t_sreenadh@yahoo.co.in

Project website: 
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