Wireless Sensor Network Server using Pandaboard

I have come across Wireless Sensor Networks for surveillance or an organization or environmental study etc.
Let us have a wireless sensor network which senses environmental gas composition.
So. i felt it would be a good idea to have access to the network, and get the required information from anywhere in the world. I am aiming at globalizing the network data, so as to have a Wide Area Network established.

I will interface a ZIGBEE transceiver module to the UART PORT of the pandaboard.
The ( transceiver + pandaboard ) will act as a base station to the wireless sensor network.
It will communicate with the rest of the nodes in a STAR topology.
The base station can talk to any node and request any sensory data.

Now, it will behave as a server and upload all the data to a website.
Through the website, the data would be available to view from anywhere.

Only the administrator will have the login access to the server to maintain the network and solve if any issues occur.

As my Institute is working on wireless sensor networks, i will be able to implement it easily.

Project website: 

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