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AIR JORDAN 14 Jordan was inspired nike tn pas cher by the Ferrari M550 sports car, to the reality of things modeled and inspired design inspiration was way after generations of Jordan shoes have a profound impact. This may mark a combination of Ferrari and Michael characteristics, as well as fans and the fans are so excited about the Ferrari symbol vents. This is located in the bottom of the design not only provides good support and stability, but also to the fans excited. Get more mature whole palm ZOOM technology, making cushioning better. Wear-resistant rubber outsole and full palm herringbone pattern was to provide good friction and grip. Weight is the lightest ever since. 1998 was launched. Remember that night what? 1998 June 14 Salt Lake City, Utah, home of jazz, Jordan steals from Malone in the hands transported to the front, with a series of dribbling, speed, stop dispossessing Russell, shock was a jumper, the time fixed in 5.2 seconds before the whistle, fixed in this giant was standing on top of the foot basketball. Jordan 14 generations carries no latecomers as a swan song, that scene, we will never forget Timberland Chaussures pas cher

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