Our Project name is viSparsh.This word has been coined by our team. It is a conglomeration of two words namely vision (Vis) & Touch (Sparsh). We felt the name ViSparsh truly depicted the purpose of our project which was to aid the visually impaired people through the sense of Touch. We also thought this as an apt name for our team too whereby the same word would signify our team's aim of touching the lives of several people through our vision.
The aim of the project is to develop a Haptic Belt with the XBOX360 Kinect for visually impaired persons where the initial technical effort needs to be taken to develop some relatively low-cost technology projects and integrating them into a socially useful application. The project would be one of its kind in India considering the fact where plethora of technological products are already present, only a few actually creates an impact needed for the Indian Society. We are aiming to build a state of the art, easy to use customized for the Indian Market.
Final product will be not only be a navigating device utilizing Kinect, GPS, Digital Compass but also an entertainment and utility product.

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