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He will be assisted by compatriots Toru Sagara and fifa 14 ps3 coins Toshiyuki Nagi, with Alireza Faghani of Iran designated as the fourth official. Referee designations have been made for the first four matches of the World Cup and are available via accessing the PDF associated with this article. Nishimura, 42, is set to become the third Japanese referee to have officiated at two World Cup finals after Shizuo Takada (1986 and 1990) and Toru Kamikawa (2002 and 2006). At South Africa 2010 he handled four matches, including the quarter-final encounter between the Netherlands and Brazil.

In a visit to Brazil in 1909, Roque Saenz Pena, who one year later would become President of Argentina, ended a stirring speech on the relationship between the two South American countries with a sentence that appeared to make perfect sense: “Everything unites us. Nothing separates us. ”At the time it did indeed make sense. The conflict for control of the Cisplatina Province, which led to the independence of Uruguay, had ended decades ago, and Brazilians and Argentinians had even fought alongside one another as allies in the Paraguayan War in 1864. Years later, the diplomatic dispute in 1895 to precisely define the borders between the two countries had been settled.

Despite the tensions one would naturally expect between neighbours and the two largest countries of the continent, it seemed that the similarities and common ground outweighed the differences that could generate rivalry. It was against this backdrop that football was thrown into the mix. Rivalries originating in major historical events often permeate footballing occasions, but in the case of Brazil and Argentina the quarrel is almost exclusively the result of what has happened on the pitch. Upon the inception of football in the two countries at the start of the 20th century, the relationship was as cordial as could be.

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