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and chronic stiffness. In extreme cases, necrosis can develop and collapse the entire bone structure. Treating Metatarsal Foot Pain Treating metatarsalgia pain in most cases does not require extreme measures. The most recommended treatments for metatarsalgia pain are: Get plenty of rest - Avoid putting unneeded pressure on your feet by resting. In short time you may participate in low-impact activities such as rowing, cycling, or swimming. Ice It - Use ice packs on the aching area for 15 to 20 minutes at a time, several times a day. Wear proper footwear - Shoes need to fit properly and be of the appropriate for the type of activity that you plan to get involved in air jordan pas cher. Wear arch support inserts - The use of appropriate orthotic shoe insoles can provide the needed sustainment to reduce stress on the metatarsal area. Wearing arch support inserts is a vital component of of most treatments for metatarsalgia pain. Wearing metatarsal pads can also help to relieve the stress around the metatarsal area. In most cases involving metatarsalgia pain do not require medical care.

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