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Moving to a new location involves a lot of work and packaging. You must be very careful when you pack your dishes and glassware. Here is a guide that provides some useful tips on how to pack the dishes when you move.
Moving can seem a daunting task, and great care should be taken to pack and ship all your items for the home. Even the slightest amount of negligence can lead to the destruction of delicate porcelain. There are many moving companies, pack and ship all of their property for a fee. They are professionals and are well versed and know how to take care when packing. But if you do not take your services, then you are left with no one but themselves to make every bit of packaging. In these cases, it is best that you know exactly how you should pack their things, so it does not get ruined during transport. When it comes to all the dishes and utensils in your kitchen, be very careful, because these objects are likely to splinter.
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Tips for packing dishes

Packaging trays can be time consuming, but it is not so difficult once you get the hang of it. Before you start packing, here is a list of things that you need:
Boxes or bags plate cells
Expanded polystyrene beads
Lots of wrapping paper or newsprint
Packing tape
Permanent marker
How to pack
You need the right kind of packaging box to put all their stuff in. Any large cardboard box will do just fine as long as it is strong and can withstand the pressure. Make sure that the boxes are not wearing anyway and flaps open and closed correctly. You can ask your local grocery store if they have a spare box. Also make sure that they are durable and free from insects and pests.
Take a few sheets of wrapping paper or newspaper and crumple them. Now crumpled lying at the bottom of the box part. Do not cover the bottom with a sheet of paper. Crumpled paper acts as a buffer rather than a sheet of paper. Best used newsprint. Ink magazine times can be removed and may stain your articles.
To prepare the dish, place the dish in the middle of the packing slip. Take a few sheets of paper and of the dish with him. Now put another plate on top of the first, and again, wrapped in several sheets of paper. Always use more than one sheet to cover plate which provides better protection. If you have a stack of 3 or 4 dishes, take packing tape and wrapped and safe meals. Similarly, packaging and make piles of dishes you have. Slabs of all sizes (plates, utensils, etc.) can be packaged in such a way.
For packing glasses, place a cup in the center of the packing list and take all corners of the sheet of glass packaging in it. Crease the paper as much as possible into the cup for the best protection.
For all its vessels, place each cup sideways to the corner of the packing slip and roll on the other end of the sheet. The remaining sheet of glass on both sides can be wound. Get a role in the world of glass. Empty vases and glass bottles can also be packaged in the same manner. If you have expensive glasses of wine or glass vases, you can invest in corrugated paper rolls for added protection. You can also buy packages dish or box of phones available in stores that sell packaging materials to keep all utensils and china cups.
All glassware, especially if it is made of glass or brittle, may be wrapped using the wrapping paper multiple sheets. Do not skimp on paper when packing. Use plenty of it. Silverware, including forks, spoons and knives can be wrapped several together, and contain more space management for container kitchen.
If you own the pan, wrap the paper plate. Then place the lid upside down on the casserole dish and then wrap them together. Do not forget to put the sides of the pot, wrapped in a box.
Remove small appliances (blender, juicer, etc..) Separate the leaves and other parts from the paper and wrap securely. If the device is glass, fill the inside with crumpled paper to packing and packing.
Put all unbreakable heavy objects on the bottom of the box. Place the wrapped plate in the field, so that they stand on the edge. Thus, they are less susceptible to damage. Always place cups and mugs on top of the box. They can easily break if any heavy object is placed over them. Wherever there is space, tacos liberal paper. Or use Styrofoam balls.
Once everything is in the field, a lot of things on top of the paper, as they did at the bottom, and the valves are closed, ensuring tight with packing tape. Do not fill the table with too many details, or it may break. Package so that there is enough space between fill their plates with spitballs.
With a marker, mark all sides of the box with fragile This side up and the arrow indicating the direction. If you have multiple boxes can be marked indicating they contain, so it's easier for you to unpack.
If you plan ahead, food packaging can be done without much trouble. Following the above steps will ensure a hassle packing experience. You can pack yourself a smaller house, and hire movers and packers service heavier and larger items you may have.

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