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FC Kaiserslautern. The team won promotion fifa 14 coins back to the top Bundesliga division. I could not have had a better send off into retirement, says Rufer. It is no accident that he is referred to in the same breath as some of the other great forwards of the world. With 30 goals to his credit in European Cups he ranks among the top 20 goalscorers, alongside stars such as Paolo Rossi, Gary Lineker and Ruud Gullit. Now he wants to put his experience to good use back home. Rufer is behind a unique project in world football. Its name: Auckland Kings. The first ever professional team in New Zealand plays under a special agreement in the strong Australian league. Before this idea got started all football in New Zealand was strictly on an amateur basis.

The last champion's title was accorded in the 1997/98 season, after which the money for a combined North and South Island summer league ran out. Because of the unfavourable conditions at home Rufer left New Zealand at the age of 18 and signed his first professional contract with Norwich City in England. Then he went to Switzerland, where his family came from originally, and played for FC Zurich, FC Aarau and the Grasshopper Club in Zurich. Rufer wants to return to EuropeThe season for the Australian Ericsson Cup started in October. Rufer had just six months in which to get his team ready. Many of the players are not from New Zealand or Australia Rufer has persuaded a number of Brazilian and Chilean players to go along with his idea. Results are not top priority; the project is seen as a long term operation.

Auckland Kings have a budget of 1. 5 million US$, provided by Chris Turner, a businessman. He played with Rufer in the New Zealand World Cup team back in 1982, at their one and only appearance at the World Cup finals. We are both keen football fans, says Turner, and we want to pass on our enthusiasm. He had the luck to find a partner of the calibre of Rufer. It was only because of his Australian wife Lisa and their two sons Kaleb 7 and Joshua 3 that the Rufers went back to New Zealand. I really wanted to start my career as a trainer in Europe, says Wynton, but now that he is there he feels very much at home again.

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