Splash Screen Support for U-Boot

Das U-Boot (Universal Bootloader) is an open source, primary boot loader used in embedded devices. It is available for a number of different computer architectures, including PPC, ARM, MIPS, AVR32, x86, 68k, Nios, and MicroBlaze.
The PandaBoard is a low-power, low-cost single-board computer based on the Texas Instruments OMAP4430 processor. It is a community supported development platform and is the first OMAP4 mobile software development platform.
The PandaBoard supports both DVI(Digital–Visual Interface) as well as HDMI(High-Definition Multimedia Interface).
U-boot currently, does not initialze the display until the kernel is up and running. The project aims to implement a splash screen for U-boot using the PandaBoard so that the display does not remain blank until the kernel initializes it.

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