Social Media Player

This is about a portable media player with the best balance between price and specs:
-Android 2.3.3 or better
-The device should be social-oriented ( custom and intuitive UI with facebook, twitter, myspace, etc) (something like the INQ smartphones but not facebook exclusive)
-Sound quality must be highest possible (licensing DTS-codecs?)
- Must have a "good" screen (640x360 OLED?)
- Minimalist-industrial design
- Gaming would be an strengh taking in account the 4430 SOC
- Other possibilities: PS certified, android market available or amazon android market, look for partners (amazon, spotify?)

The device will be oriented to the Latin-American Market and with some carrier partner (Claro and Movistar work on the whole region) with 3G-special plans (social-music streaming-instant messaging exclusive plans -VOIP, streaming videos and "complete" internet would be an extra or wifi only capabilities)

The ipod its the only media player sold in the region with quite a good a acceptance and here its sold at least with 30% over the US price.

Getting an aggressive price with a carrier partner would be a deal breaker on the region.
*Maybe prices like 150,165,180 and 270 USD or eq for 8,16,32 and 64GB but thats full speculation

Project website: 

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