LCD and Plasma TV sets have revolutionized living rooms everywhere. Gone are the days of having large consoles or tables to hold those big CRT TV sets. Now, most TVs are mounted on the wall increasing space and viewability. One thing is for sure, TVs aren’t going to get any smaller. The newest TVs range in size up to 84 inches and feature high resolution, 3D capabilities, and access to the Internet.

So what’s next for the TV revolution? Manufacturers are going remote-less. Although universal remotes have made accessing our technology easier, remotes still have a tendency to end up under the couch for some reason. We’ll finally be able to banish the phrase, “where’s the remote?

Many TV manufacturers are embedding technology into their TV sets enabling people to use hand gestures and voice recognition to change channels, adjust the volume and switch devices. The early adopters of this technology are Samsung and LG with many to follow. Obviously currently these technologies are expensive.
In this work we are developing a system in which the Television is controlled using hand gestures. For gesture recognition we will be incorporating OpenCV Libraries. OpenCV is Open Source Computer Vision Library which includes image processing functions that are available for C, C++ programming.

After processing the gesture, control signals according to gestures will be sent to the controller at Television. All the processing will be done using ARM based platform like PandaBoard which is an OMAP4430 platform designed to provide access to as many of the powerful features of the OMAP4430 Multimedia Processor as possible, while maintaining a low cost.

The present project is supported by Texas Instrumentation, Banguluru.

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