Run Simulink Models on PandaBoard

With R2012b, Simulink provides built-in support for prototyping, testing, and running models on the PandaBoard and PandaBoard ES. You can design algorithms in Simulink for audio processing and computer vision applications then see them perform with hardware. The included tools & utilities allow PandaBoard users to setup their board directly from a Windows computer. MATLAB command line utilities allow the user to talk to PandaBoard from within MATLAB through MATLAB command line API's. On the Simulink side, External Mode feature is supported that allows running a Simulink model on the board while inspecting the results directly on the host computer.

To install support for the PandaBoard, at the MATLAB command prompt, type "targetinstaller". Target Installer opens.
• If you did not download the support package, choose Internet. Target Installer automatically downloads and installs the support package.
• If you did download the support package, choose Folder. After you specify a location, Target Installer installs the support package.

Simulink support for the PandaBoard includes the following I/O driver blocks:
• Video Input and Display
• Audio Input and Output
• UDP Send and Receive

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