Android Setup


Download your Environment

Environment Information
Filesystem: Android Froyo
Bootloader: MLO and u-boot.bin
Kernel: Android Kernel for OMAP4 (2.6.32)



Formatting SD partitions
Once you have completed downloading your distribution then it is time to create and format a SD Card.
How to Format your SD card on your host system


Loading your environment to the SD card
The next step is to load your distribution onto your formated SD card. This step may take some time depending on your distribution choice.
How to load your environment to a SD Card


Connecting your PandaBoard
The next step after loading your environment to your SD card is to connect your PandaBoard to your Linux Host. This step will ensure that we are able to connect and communicate with the board. We recommend you download Minicom (sudo apt-get install minicom) for this step. There are other applications available that function in the similar manner but we will use Minicom as a reference.
How to Connect PandaBoard to your Linux Box


Boot up
Now that you have your environment copied to your SD card let's try to boot PandaBoard. Insert the SD card into your PandaBoard. Make sure you have correctly attached all the necessary cables before moving forward. Feel free to revisit the "Board Setup Guide" for more details. Below are example videos that you should see when booting your platform. View the boot log for more infromation.
Pandaboard not booting?
If you have followed the instructions above and find that your board is not booting then it's time to run some test on your platform. Visit the trouble shooting guide for instructions on testing the functionality of your board.


AnchorWhat 's Next...

Once you have completed the basic steps above we encourage you to visit There you will find instructions on how to build your own environments plus other projects. Below are have placed a few links for you to view. These should be enough to get up going. 

Review PandaBoard FAQ Visit the "Ubuntu Project"
Participate in OMAP Tutorial Hour Visit the "Android Project"
Visit our OMAPpedia Calendar Visit the " Miminal-FS Project"
Contribute to OMAppedia's Wanted Pages Subscribe to our YouTube Channel
Review our Wiki Guide Page Check us out on FaceBook
We also invite you to join us on the chat lines.

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