Accessories & Peripherals


The accessories & peripherals listed below have been verified on the PandaBoard platform.

A list of unverified accessories is located on OMAPpedia's PandaBoard Accessories & Peripherals page. You can edit and add other unverified accessories in the above page.



Power Supply
Item/Brand Description ID Number Purchase Location
5V Power Supply Power Supply 993-1019-ND
Power Cord US 993-1039-ND
Power Cord UK 993-1040-ND
Power Cord EU 993-1038-ND
NOTE: 5V power supply does not ship with a power cord

Power Supply: 5V 4Amp -- Barrel Measurements: 2.1mm ID, 5.5mm OD - Tip Positive.

If you have a BeagleBoard compatible power supply with greater than 3Amp it should work with a PandaBoard too.

Some community members have reported to sucessfully using a Y-usb cable (example) with a PandaBoard OTG port.


Item/Brand Description ID Number Purchase Location
HDMI-A to DVI-D HDMI to DVI cable AE10258-ND
HDMI-A to HDMI-A HDMI Type A cable AE10256-ND
Serial Cable Generic Serial ---
USB2Serial Adapter Generic USB2Serial ---
0.1"/2.54mm Headers Male Header TSHS-114-D-06-A-T-LF  
0.1"/2.54mm Headers Female Header LSWSS-114-D-02-T-LF  
.05"/1.27mm Headers Male Header Samtec FTSH-110-01-F-D  
.05"/1.27mm Headers Male Header FCI 20021111-00020T4LF  
.05"/1.27mm Headers Female Header Samtec SFMC-110-T1-F-D  
.05"/1.27mm Headers Female Header FCI 20021311-00020T4LF  


SD/MMC Cards*
Item/Brand Description ID Number Purchase Location
SanDisk 4GB --- ---
Kingston 4GB --- ---

* Most SD/MMC cards should work. These are for reference only


USB Thumb Drives*
Item/Brand Description ID Number Purchase Location
Lexar JumpDrive 1GB --- ---
SanDisk Cruzer USB 2.0 4GB --- ---
SanDisk Cruzer USB 2.0 8GB --- ---

* Most USB Flash drives should work. These are verified accessories for reference only.


Item/Brand Description ID Number Purchase Location
Logitech Webcam Pro 9000 ---


Expansion/Breakout Boards
Item/Brand Description ID Number Purchase Location

Trainer-xM Board

Add's I2C, SPI, GPIO, ATmega328, Arudino compatiblity, Prototyping & breakout area SKU381


Item/Brand Description
USB Keyboard Any USB keyboard
USB Mouse Any USB keyboard
USB Hub Any USB Hub (recommend using a powered Hub)
Audio Cable Standard 3.5mm audio cables
Speakers Speakers that suport 3.5mm input
Standoff/Spacers ---

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