Pandacomb Project page with the website

(This is the Pandacomb project submission with the official Pandacomb website link.)
Android, as we all know, is everywhere nowadays! Its on our smartphones, media players, netbooks, and tablets. But the problem is that these devices are overly priced and therefore not many people can enjoy the features of the amazing Operating System that is Android. The creators of the Pandaboard have had one goal since its beginning, to bring a fast platform with an affordable price point to the general public. This is where this project comes in. My team and I will try to bring Android 3.0 Honeycomb to the Pandaboard with a working multi-touch screen, drivers, and sensors. In turn our goal is to make a tablet with Android Honeycomb for as cheap as possible but to also use all the great hardware of the Pandaboard to it's full potential.

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