PandaBoard Netbook running ubuntu

I want to build a prototype simplified version of ubuntu, using panda board as the main Mobo.
The "monitor" will consist of a LCD screen which I will modify to be able to receive video from the board.

Some other things that will be needed to be integrated is a keyboard, and track-pad.

Other Notes:

If this plan for some reason does not go according to plan, instead of a Netbook, it will be converted into a Portable Apache, MYSQL, PERL, PHP5, Server.(possibly a LAMPP) I will integrate wireless capabilities, and also take advantage of a portable power supply. This will be primary for those who need to work on the go, and will be able to edit, send, and receive, the results live.

Sub sub Notes: Possibility of using Litespeed. This will create, 2x less stress from the apache server, Saving precious CPU and MEMORY.

Project website: 

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