Panda Class Driver

A Class driver is a type of hardware device driver that can operate a large number of different devices of a broadly similar type. Class drivers are very often used with USB based devices, which share the essential USB protocol in common, and devices with similar functionality can easily adopt common protocols. Instead of having a separate driver for every kind of device, a class driver can operate a wide variety of devices from different manufacturers. To accomplish this, manufacturers make their products compatible with a standardized protocol. A class driver is used as a base or ancestor class for specific drivers which need to have slightly different or extended functionality, but which can take advantage of the majority of the functionality provided by the class driver.
In this Project we intend to build Panda Class driver for USB Web Camera, Thumb Scanner and USB Storage Device for Community supported Texas Instrument OMAP 4430 based Panda Board.

Expected Result:

Integrated USB driver able to detect gadgets like Web camera, Thumb scanner and block storage devices

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