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3. patent leather shoes, the bright and waterproof coating, flex resistance is better, should use special silicone patent leather shoe polish repeatedly with a soft cloth eraser, can decontamination and maintain a bright, clean.
4. suede shoes, its surface villous, easy to stick dust, dirt, and easy fade, hair is also easy to wear, so that the surface is bare state. So this kind of leather shoes is best not contaminated with oil, no water, no mud, often with a dry brush and suede, and painted dyed water, keep the hair clean. nike requin 2013
5. aniline leather shoes, the surface can be well maintained the original animal skin patterns, high-grade leather, the particle has the stereoscopic effect, vivid and bright, but not thick and thin coating, waterproof performance is not good, the general use of light colored or colorless shoe polish or polish glazing oil emulsion.
6. leather detergent, and alcohol 30 and gasoline 70 mixed, can remove grease spots of light on the shoe.

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