Nike TN Requin 2013 Homme

The Nike Sasquatch Fairway Wood features Monorail Sole Design which cuts through all types of lies. Weight has been added to the perimeter of the Power Bow to move the center of gravity back and offer a higher MOI. A new steel face provides a larger and hotter sweet spot. The Sasquatch Fairway Woods also feature the Powerband technology that helps to lower the center of gravity while adding more forgiveness for off center hits. It's stability on shots off the heel and toe help to keep the player on the course if they hit a less than perfect shot air jordan pas cher. Featuring a very hot face, this club really takes off, which is the perfect mix for the average player. I would honestly suggest this club to anybody! It will do whatever you want it to and help you out when you make a bad swing also. Mis hits found their way in the fairway and did not loose very much distance. The Power band does its job with the fairway woods just like in the drivers! Demo one of these over the winter, you may just find a keeper! Golfers' review: I got this club in 2006 and not ever owning a 3 wood before always using a 5 wood. after upgrading the 5 wood to a 2iron hybrid and getting the 3 wood I loved it. But as I hit the club more and my game improving and my swing speed increasing the regular shaft is no longer doing the job, I tend to spray everything to the right with it. I love my SQ Fairway Wood and SQ driver. I don't have a problem working shots. I can't always draw the ball, but I definitely can do it.

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