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We are giving away up to $, worth of StarCraft II merchandise to fifa 14 coins our fans. Contest ends Monday Feb. at: PM CST. More details here. Following the tradition of Diablo II, Blizzard Entertainment added the Secret Cow Level to Diablo III. In order to get access to the Secret Cow Level, the player has to acquire several rare items scattered throughout Sanctuary and pay a lot of hundred thousands of gold for some of the items. In addition, the player has to create a staff from Plans: Staff of Herding with the help of Haedrig Eamon Blacksmith. The first step is to find the items required to build the Staff of Herding.

Check out the screenshots and step-by-step guide for each item by clicking the item names below. Act IBlack MushroomLeoric's ShinboneAct IILiquid RainbowWirt's BellAct IIIGibbering GemstoneAct IVPlans: Staff of HerdingAfter you gather all these items, you can now create the Staff of Herding at the Blacksmith Haedrig Eamon. Secret Cow Level - WimsyshireAfter creating the Staff of Herding, leave the game. Click the Change Quest button located at the character screen. Make sure the Normal Difficulty is set at the bottom-left. Otherwise use the dropdown menu. Choose Act I chapter: A Shattered Crown. Select Begin Quest beneath A Shattered Crown. Start the game. Your character spawns at the New Tristram.

Go to the waypoint and teleport to Old Tristram. Remember that big hole on the ground with a weird ilumination located between Old Tristram and New Tristram? That's where you must go. Nearby is the skeleton of a cow. With the Staff of Herding in your inventory, the Ghost of the Cow King will hover above the bones. A yellow exclamation mark appears on his head. With the perils that await me at this tragic journey's end? I have walked the roads that lead to Hell, I have challenged all but Fate.

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