Japan football organization seat big Renan

With 41000 seats currently installed only Buy FIFA 14 Coinsof it, and all protection employees cannot accomplish the particular position, so the viewers has been curbed. The official starting marriage is to be organized two a few several weeks later, under pressure, the active area here don't decrease to any other Globe Cup ground, bulldozers, cranes, dump truck in and out, thousands of workers are spare no attempt to take part in the growth period, the focus is on around streets, move the aisle and short-term buildings and other supporting facilities.The pantanal ground growth lag, partly because the ground seats price is too excellent, so that the local prosecutor known as for a placing in a bid procedure.

After that, the vendors are in assess, resolve differences, but it took a long time time. Also blacklisted "equals" Sao Paulo and curitiba, they enhancement more FIFA 14 Coins at least until per month before they can be put into use. At the end of Nov last season, crane steel fall occurrence during operate, hit two workers approved away on the spot; And in a few times ago, there was a young man known as fabio when setting up take a position seat decreased from the sky, approved away after being taken to the hospital. Tragedies, the workers have known as for higher protection, the starting marriage of the ground once again become a Cheap RS Gold "Unless made the decision out any protection concerns, we will not accept to continue the growth."

Labor division appropriate participation, regulators Ross medel growth unit irresponsible for way of FIFA 14 Coins for sale Apparently, position recovery operate need to wait until next Per 7 days. "It's no issues." Vice mayor of Sao Paulo nadia think set up seat is a "relatively simple steps", "even if delayed a few times, will not effect the overall enhancement and the greatest submission date."Out of the mess, in Sao Paulo active curitiba is danger. To execute almost deprived the FIFA Globe Cup documentation of downtown ground escaped the Buy ESO Gold but last Per 7 days, the municipality regulators declare that the team finances to suspend funding for Stamford, the reason is that the organizers in the use of a budget when claimed of issues.

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