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He struck eight goals including the very fifa 14 ps3 coins first at the Maracana as Brazil waltzed into what was effectively a decider against Uruguay requiring only a draw. What ensued was the stuff of Brazilian nightmare, La Celeste recovering a deficit to devastate an entire nation. It was the nadir of what was otherwise a magnificent eight years in the camisa canarinha. Indeed Ademir fired A Sele?? o to Copa America and Campeonato Pan Americano glory in 1949 and 1952 respectively, and scored 32 times in 39 official internationals eight of those ensure no Brazilian player has scored more than him at a single edition of the FIFA World Cup. “

Ademir, in his era, was the greatest player in the world, ” enthused Evaristo de Macedo, who faced off against Ademir in the colours of Flamengo before going on to represent Barcelona and Real Madrid. “When he shot on goal, he didn’t fail. ”Jair, his team mate for Vasco and Brazil, said: “He would appear in midfield and out wide, and his incredible speed made him impossible to mark. And he could score in so many different ways. He was one of the greatest players Brazil has ever seen. ”

And while Ademir may not make the podium in the pantheon of Brazilian immortals, he certainly occupies a top three seat in Vasco’s shrine having scored 301 goals in 429 games and won four Campeonato Carioca prizes in the camisa cruzmaltina. At the turn of the century, Placar magazine named him as the club’s second greatest player in history above the likes of Barbosa, Bellini, Vava, Edmundo and Romario. The only man to outrank Ademir even disputed his own coronation as Vasco’s all time king. “He was one of the best strikers in Brazilian football history, ” said Roberto Dinamite. “I’m not being modest: I think Ademir de Menezes was a class above. ”

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