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AIR JORDAN 11 Jordan series, these shoes are not only carried the tripod to make, but also on the whole after basketball shoes basketball shoes and the whole development, resulting in a far-reaching impact. Groundbreaking use of patent leather as the upper material, making high-end basketball shoes since the distinctive emblem. Also built the first use of a full charge of air cushion technology, coupled with the end use of the whole palm carbon fiber supporting plate, so that the entire pair of shoes in shock that an indicator to achieve the extreme. Shoes synthetic rubber outsole with rubber compressed into the crystal, the whole bottom into transparent color, abnormal beautiful, shoes, body reticular fibers used, making the whole greatly reduce the weight of shoes, is a series of the most lightweight. In addition, this is the last pair of using traditional SOLE cushion basketball shoes. Investigation has been done, and its popularity is Jordan ranked first in the series, and even Jordan himself has repeatedly expressed a soft spot on the shoe. This pair of shoes for the whole development of basketball shoes more than just the classic simple. We can think of, it is the old-fashioned and modern basketball shoes basketball shoes watershed. The history of basketball shoes is the most important milestone. 1995 was launched.

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