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fr nike tn requin mall air max tn fake laces before removing them. Then they air out for at least a day before I put them in the closet. I also track their milage , so I know when I need to start looking for replacements.As an alternative to shoe goo, I use glue sticks from a hot glue gun to build up soles - more ecconimcal and easire to buy.air jordan pas cherMaking Shoes last longer Two tips: 1. Use baby powder inside the shoes every time before wearing them. It will keep them dry and fresh. 2. When the soles wear out re-fill them using Shoe-Goo, which comes in a tube (available at Ace Hardware stores for about $5.-, or on line, where it is more expensive). The way to do it is to clean the sole and heel from all loose material, place the shoe upside-down, fill the worn section with shoe-Goo and let it cure for about 24 hrs. For the heel, I b

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