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My thanks to all of you for a wonderful time. ”Having entered a new era following its triumphant fifa 14 coins campaign in Brazil, German football is now pondering the question of who will fill the position occupied up to now by one of the greatest defenders in its history. "Come quick! " the PES fan shouts, as if peering from his bedroom window and seeing fresh snow. "It's back! " It happens every year this hoped for resurgence. Later, brash words are rescinded and shoelaces gazed at. PES 2014 earned a deserved four stars in our recent review, but against what a hopeful community tells you, this is not the year PES beats Fifa. That's the curious thing about their great rivalry. PES continually improves and Fifa doesn't at least to the naked eye. Yet, Fifa is, still, better.

After a decade of juggling between the two, I've settled on this analogy: PES is chess, Fifa is draughts. Both have their virtues, but draughts works better as a video game, more immediate, easier on beginners, and generally more fun. Fifa 14's new Pure Shot mechanic fits all three criteria in one. Essentially, efforts on goal have a greater tendency to dip, bend and rise, giving them ferocious unpredictability. It's difficult not to feel a flutter in your gut as the ball falls to your long distance specialist on the edge of the box. Thunderous volleys, first time belters and off balance lashes — they look natural and feel right, thanks to improved ball physics and a slew of new contextual animations. Keep in mind, long shots aren't a magic button.

They're actually less frequent, and this is thanks to EA's other new back of the box feature Precision Movement. So called 'stepbased location' is a technical triumph, players now weightily planting feet when running and pushing off from pivots, but it's an awkward fumble of a feature in practice. For one, players take ages to get going. The effectiveness of a simple turn, bread and butter of football, has been neutralised in the maelstrom of 22 men on the pitch, all dizzyingly scrambling for ball possession and losing it just as quickly. In Fifa 14, thanks to clumsy new biomechanics, space is a truly rare commodity. Fifa 14 3Attacking is revitalised by Pure Shot, but Precision Movement clogs midfield and defence.

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