flying through the fifa 14 coins

With everyone on discs flying through the fifa 14 coins air, you can actually bump each other around much like you would in bumper cars. The Dream Events are a staple in the franchise, as they are simple and short enough for multiple bursts, making them enjoyable for any age. The last of the three modes is London Party, which is my favorite of the bunch. If you are a fan of the Mario Party series in any way, I strongly recommend playing this. In light of the London setting, you play on a board game style layout with Big Ben, the London Eye, and bridges overlapping water canals. On the streets of London, you collect coins and stamps by encountering others.

These stamps are the main goal of the London Party mode, as you need to fill the 16 spaces in your stamp book. You can collect stamps from various mini games you play by placing in the higher finishing positions, or if you’re in a hurry nabbing stamps from your opponents who might have more than you. The controls for the game are so simple that you would think you are playing a Wii game of006. At this stage in the console’s life, we have been given games that utilize as much of the controls as possible, yet you are waggling left and right with the occasional snapping of the wrist for a quick time event. Despite the simplicity of the controls, they are responsive and accurate while playing most of the mini games. However, there were times during other events, like the Long Jump, that I was looking at my Wiimote wondering if the batteries were dead.

After trying different controllers, it became clear that the game wasn’t responding accurately with some mini games. Although most of the in game activities require that you hold the Wiimote horizontally in a traditional controller fashion, it will tell you before each event how you’re going to hold the Wiimote and if the nunchuk is needed. The nice thing about the game is that SEGA gives the option to do either a horizontal or vertical play scheme, which allows anyone to play the games the way they want to. If you prefer to play with just one controller and hold it like the Nintendo controller you can or play with two hands with the addition of the nunchuk.

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