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In comparison to wetter habitats like fifa 14 coins buy the tropical forests along the Brazil’s Atlantic coast or the iconic Amazon, the Caatinga has historically received next-to-nothing. This lack of scientific and conservation input probably explains why, just 20 years ago in 1994, the tatu-bola appeared in an appendix of "extinct or probably extinct" mammal species. With nobody out there looking, there were no reliable reports that this dinky mammal was still trotting its way through the scrub. It turns out that the armadillo still survives but without proper funding, its future is bleak. "The World Cup and FIFA itself could play a major role in saving the species from extinction, " says Castro. "

Unfortunately we got no reply from FIFA on our propositions, " he says. I telephoned Fifa this morning at their headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland and got a recorded message. "Our offices remain closed on Monday 9 June due to a local holiday. " When they are back at work, they will be busy with the tournament itself. But I don’t think it is too late for Fifa and Brazil to seize the opportunity presented by this curious armadillo. It wouldn’t cost much to support the conservation of the Caatinga at least not in comparison with the vast wealth being generated by the event, it would look good for Fifa which is keen to show off its support for the environment and who knows it might even do some good.

The World Cup launches in Brazil on Thursday, but there's no need to wait for dramatic action the festival of dissent has already begun. In the past week alone, activists from the Homeless Workers Movement marched on the S? o Paulo stadium where host Brazil will square off against Croatia in the tournament's opening match. In Brasilia, indigenous dissidents clashed with tear-gas-happy riot police. The hacktivist group Anonymous vowed to level cyber-attacks against World Cup corporate sponsors. Public transport workers in S? o Paulo leveraged their Cup-induced advantage, carrying out a strike that gridlocked the city before suspending it on Monday night.

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