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Many sports gamers complain about how fut coins each installment of Madden is only a marginal improvement over the previous one. Now two gamers are finally doing something about it by filing a frivolous lawsuit against EA that's sure to be dismissed. The class action lawsuit, filed by two gamers in Washington, D. C. and California, alleges that EA engaged in "blatantly anticompetitive conduct" by entering into exclusive rights agreements with the NFL, as well as the Arena Football League and NCAA football. These agreements mean that EA is the only company allowed to release games featuring the likenesses and names of these leagues' football teams.

The plaintiffs allege that as a result of owning the exclusive rights, EA is now free to "raise the price of its interactive football software substantially for a significant period of time without consumers substituting another product. " They then trot this out as an example of a monopolistic price hike: "Prior to signing the exclusive agreements referred to above, Electronic Arts charged $29. 95 for its flagship product Madden NFL. Immediately after the exclusive agreements entered into effect and the effective withdrawal of its only competitor from the market Electronic Arts increased its price for that software nearly seventy percent to $49. 99. " What they're referring to there was the brief price war between 2K Sports' NFL 2K5 and Madden 25.

NFL 2K5 was released about a month earlier than Madden and was priced $19. 95 from the get go an attempt to make inroads into a market mostly dominated by Madden. In response to strong sales and good reviews of NFL 2K5, EA reduced the price of Madden to $29. 95 (from the original price of $49. 99). In other words, their "seventy percent" price hike after the exclusive rights agreement with the NFL went into effect was just EA bringing the game back to its original price which was the standard price for new sixth generation console games, by the way. In addition, I highly doubt the NFL 2K series would've stayed at $19. 99 for successive installments once they established their own player base.

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