Get Involved

Get Involved

It's easy to get involved with the PandaBoard and there are several ways you can contribute to the community.

You can share your technical knowledge and know-how with others by being active on the mailing list & IRC channel.

PandaBoard Mailing List | IRC  #pandaboard on


Linux Kernel Developers
Do you have what it takes to be a kernel developer on an OMAP™ platform? Visit the links below to get a feel of what's going on with OMAP kernel development and PandaBoard. Review the patch submissions process for more information on where and how to participate in the kernel development team.

PandaBoard Kernel Upstream Status  | Linux-OMAP Kernel | How to Submit Patches | Tree Locations | mailing list


Linux/Android Distribution Hackers
PandaBoard community has enabled an array of different Linux Distributions. You can participate in one of the many distro projects based around PandaBoard. Visit each project page for more information regarding on how you can get involved and contribute.
Supported Distributions


 Bug Squad
Check out the PandaBoard bugs page. Report issues, help fix outstanding issues and contribute.


Documentation Junkies

All community members know that one of the most important jobs out there is to create great documentation. If you are the person that has to have everything structured & organized with proper documentation, then you are a Documentation Junky.  Join to fix, reorganize, edit and update the PandaBoard wikis. We can never have too many doc junkies.

PandaBoard WikiOMAPpedia Home | Help wanted pages

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