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Chat Clients

If you are new to IRC then we suggest you use Web Chat widget. If you wish to install an IRC client, we recommend the following: Xchat or pidgin

For information on how to set up your clients, visit:


Chat Etiquette
We encourage members to express their opinions with others. However please keep the following basic guidelines in mind:
Introduction: Please introduce yourself if you are new to the channel. Don't be shy...

Questions:  Ask your questions and try to be as complete and detailed as you can be.  IRC members online will either answer your question or may suggest other options. You may not get an instant response. As with most IRC channels, questions will be answered when they are answered - so please be patient.  If you don't receive an answer, we encourage you to post it on the mailing list.

We have members throughout the world so please consider the different time zones. Please feel free to answer questions that you feel you know...

Logs: Please do not post your logs in the channel. Use some form of pastebin site and post the link. examples: |
Courtesy: Please be courteous to all members. If you participate in a channel, then please be mindful of other views and opinions.

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