PandaBoard Hardware Bugs

To report and lookup PandaBoard bugs, use the Bugzilla system. Before reporting an issue, we recommend you discuss and confirm it first on the public mailing list. Include a link to the thread where you initiated the community discussion.


PandaBoard Validation Tree

If you have bugs to report against the PandaBoard's validation trees (u-boot, x-loader & kernel), you can log them into the PandaBoard Bugzilla.

NOTE: If you have bugs/patches to submit against other trees including kernel.org or linux-omap please follow their community processes.


Android™ on PandaBoard (Pandroid) Bugs
Pandroid is a port of Android on PandaBoard. You can report issues or contribute your fixes on the project page.


Ubuntu™ on PandaBoard Bugs
The PandaBoard platform is supported by Ubuntu 10.10 and beyond. You can report issues directly on the project page at launchpad.net.


Other Bugs
Most registered community projects on pandaboard.org have their own process and tools in place to report and track bugs. We recommend you log them on their individual project pages and contribute.

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