been in fifa 14 coins difficulty

And why have they been in fifa 14 coins difficulty]? Because the taxes we've been paying are too high. And people ask why we're not competitive with other leagues."The defending French champions, Paris Saint-Germain Qatari-owned and one of the biggest-spending clubs in Europe would be the biggest hit with 21 salaries over €1m, including the Swedish striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic, currently the highest paid player in French football. But France's other big clubs, such as Lyon and Marseille, also said they would struggle to stay afloat.The UCPF argued that payroll taxes paid by French clubs were already the highest in Europe and that players' wages cost a third more than in Germany, England, Spain or Italy."

Most of the clubs don't make money, they lose money, so how is it possible for the clubs to pay taxes when they don't have money left?" Saint-Etienne president Bernard Caizzo told the Associated Press.Ligue 1 clubs combined registered a loss of €108m at the end of the 2011-12 season. Last year, French clubs paid about €700m in social charges and image rights, which was more than they received in television rights, the UCPF said.The 75% supertax a temporary measure aimed at forcing the wealthy to help drag France out of its economic crisis remains popular with voters. Football bosses are due to meet the French president next week for talks on the tax.For your average Italian football fan, the regional insults flung across the terraces are considered a humourous offshoot of Italy's vibrant local cultures and dialects. So when tough new rules against discriminatory chants were used to ban Milan fans from their stadium for a game after they hurled insults at fans of southern club Napoli, it wasn't long before fans across Serie A united to fight for the right to be insulted.

The row started this summer after Italy implemented new Uefa rules on stadium bans for racist chanting, long a problem in Italy, where Juventus fans have abused the black player Mario Balotelli and Lazio fans have raised antisemitic banners.However, Italian authorities have also applied Uefa's stadium ban rule to what it calls "territorial discrimination". "We have had financial sanctions for territorial discrimination since the 1990s," said a spokeswoman for the Italian football association (FIGC), "but this summer we made it punishable with a stadium ban to align it with the new Uefa rules, since each country can decide on the various types of discrimination the Uefa rules should cover."

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