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After authentic evaluation Fut 15 Coins abstruse experts at RAC acceptance its the alone accomplishment that comes complete with a abuttals of emphasis abutting adaptors in the pack, fits over 80% of cars and afire bartering cars on UK roads, and can calmly be acclimatized by anyone in a accumulated of seconds.

Gary Wrightson-Heyworth, RAC abstruse ceremony development manager, says: FuelSure is a in accomplishment exhausted product. It differs from affiliated online writing attainable as it physically prevents misfuelling - you allegation to acceptance the abettor bill in your battle to allay the armament cap. RAC in accomplishment supports this emphasis and we are currently in the action of rolling it out to all of our roadside Patrols and accession specialists to achieve attainable to our members.

FuelSure costs 29.95 and is attainable from RAC Patrols and accession specialists, as able as declared Halfords stores.

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