3G Router

New to all this but here is what I want to do.

1. Use the Pandaboard as a 3G/4G Broadband Router. Connection will be shared on WiFi as well as LAN
2. It ofcourse implies there's a DHCP Server somewhere in there

3. Enclose suitably and mount in a vehicle and make a plan for powering the board
4. Plan is to use a modified usb cellphone charger so that 12V to 5V is done on the cheap :)

5. Therefore, I can have WiFi in car.
6. Should be portable so that i can regularly take out and use at home as well.

Software wise:
I am not sure what distribution i'll use. Familiar with ubuntu but might be a little too 'heavy'
Seems MeeGo, Android, Linaro can also step up to the job. Guess it'll depend on what supports all the hardware.

Other desired applications:
While in car:
1. Would like to see if i can hook it to the On Board Diagnostics port and make it do some logging?
2. Hook maybe a camera to it somehow. Useful for fun random pictures :D
3. Maybe get the interface onto my android phone somehow. VNC maybe?
4. Maybe make it a car entertainment system?

While at home:
1. Use as low power media center to play FullHD hopefully but at least 720p?
2. Network switch/router as in car

So ya I'm totally open to suggestions since I am new and there are a lot of people who know this stuff way better than me!!

Thinking I should maybe blog to Tumblr or something as I go along?

Project website: 

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